Ok, I will admit, that pool is ridiculous, especially considering it’s on like the 10th floor of the building. Actually, more like the 7th through 10th. I don’t think it’s probably even possible to do that. The weight might be manageable, but the outward pressure the water would exhibit on the walls would be considerable, so let’s just say some metal-kinetic helped build it or something.

This seems like a pretty dumb mistake for Sydney to make, but consider this. Imagine you’re playing a Grrl Power video game, and when you’re playing as Sydney, you have to hold the left bumper to pull up a radial menu to select an orb for her left hand, and the right bumper to do the same for the right. (Or Q and E on the PC, obviously.) Tell me you wouldn’t at least one time, while flying over the lava level, accidentally replace the shield orb with the Lighthook, and comically flail around with the whip as Sydney turns into a sparkler then tumbles into the nearby bubbling caldera, forcing Krona to pop her checkpoint on you. (By the time the game comes out, she will have worked out the bugs.)

Dabbler’s level would be a Boris Vallejo-esqe scanty clad world, only she’d be shooting the trolls with railguns and chain lightning spells. Also her other level would be the alien bazaar. Maybe that would be her hub area. Yeah, I think about this stuff even though I don’t know how to program or have any time to work on a game.

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