So before there are 400 comments about what boneheads The Council is, I guess I should have a slight spoiler for the next page where Gault says that this vault was hardly the only thing reliant on this system. Still. Bit of an oops there.

Something not covered on the next page is the fact that this rail riding only works for certain types of spells. Communications mostly. Certainly nothing that requires line of sight like nearly all attack spells. Actually attack spells are specifically filtered out, but that leads people to wrap attack spells inside other spells, so you open your ae-mail from that Nigerian Prince and a Magic Missile flies out and blows up your closet. You would deserve that anyway, opening attachments like that. Still, people can’t cast Power Word Death from across the continent and assassinate whomever they like. A curse would benefit from this, especially if you already have a lock of their hair or other focus, but you couldn’t place a ward or a rune on a doorjamb or chest without actually being in front of it.

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