So yeah, lots of questions answered here. It was a set up, only Max didn’t know about it, but she figured it out (I’ll get into how later). Also Arianna, who’s been mentioned briefly before, may not be on Maxima’s Xmas card list, also the team has a black ops division, Dabbler can cast illusions, but only on herself, etc. Lots of comments on this comic questioning why she’d hit someone that hard, or what kind of damage it’d do, now we find out that she knew he could take that and apparently a lot more and wanted to wind up Arianna a bit.

It’s weird that I’ve essentially introduced some secondary characters here, and even put one in the mini comic, only… that’s not what they look like. They’ll get a proper introduction later obviously. No bonus points for guessing what Achilles’s power is.

And yes, there will be sexy superhero humor in the comic once I introduce the right characters.