Sciona is obviously good at long term planning, but there are simply some scenarios no one is going to predict, like an obtrusive billionaire and his squad of femme fatales showing up in the middle of your heist.

Even if you could actually predict all possible outcomes, there are still limitations on preparation time, like the actual time it takes to prepare for those outcomes and the material resources required to overcome, for instance, the leviathan making the vault its nest, or being met by your future self here to wave you off this course of action, or the shapeshifter pretending to be your future self, or the neutron star that gained sentience and wants to take you for its wife. In a universe full of superhumans and supernaturals and cryptids and aliens, “all eventualities” is an absurdly large possibility space.

It really comes down to managing probability. The neutron star thing? Well below a 1% chance of happening. Like… 0.000000000001%. Actually something which has never happened before is probably impossible to predict, so it would go in the “probably don’t need to worry about it” column. The Leviathan taking up residence in or near the vault? Maybe worth considering, but only to the degree that you prepare in a way that would allow you to deal with any number of large obstacles. Like, I don’t know, a grenade launcher. That’s the only practical way for someone like Batman to operate. He may not have a specific solution for dealing with Solomon Grundy in his belt, but as long as he has a batarang that can pump 50,000,000 volts through someone, he’s probably covered.

I found a great webcomic to share with you guys. It is totally NSFW, but despite being quite explicit on some of the pages, it doesn’t feel sleazy. All the sex is pretty casual and friendly. It also has fantastic art, and is well written and there’s like, a plot and characters and everything. It has the slightly odd name of “I Roved Out in Search of Truth & Love

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