Sciona must talk a good game. That or she was a lot nicer before she got most of her head chopped off. Also we don’t know how long any of these people have known Sciona, who seems to have been around for a while. At least longer than a regular human anyway.

She is exploiting a property of the field here, which is that it kills anything that passes through it. The field is a pipe, not a solid volume of energy, since non-living material can’t pass through it, it would knock the artifacts out when activated. So presumably you could achieve the same result by sticking your arm down a snake’s throat and wearing it like an opera glove, or by taping hamsters up and down both sides of your arm. Normally the whole vault is shielded against teleportation and portals, so Opal for instance couldn’t reach in there, but whatever Sciona did to slip her blood portal in through the cracks disrupted the teleportation wards, which is how Deus et al got in.

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