“But Dave,” you might ask, “didn’t Cooter literally explode?”

Well, yes, but you know, it’s a superhero comic with a little supernatural stuff thrown in, so the possibility space is… wider.

Not sure how Sydney assessed that Cooter was a hillbilly that quickly. I guess just assume he’s got that drawl which is hard to actually write into a word bubble, unlike a French or Boston accent.

Sorry if it’s a little hard to decipher some of the panels. Turns out drawing people and feet covered in red in front of walls covered in red makes the foreground and background a little muddled in places, but I think this should be the last page that happens on. At least until Maxima gets most of her clothes burned off then has a fist fight with someone in a vat of molten gold or something. Again, wide possibility space.

This page colored by Keith.

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