The conversation between Max and Arianna could go on for pages:

M: If this was all above board, then why not tell me?
A: I knew you’d object, plus this way we got a genuine performance out of you.
M: What about the people in the bank who decide to sue you for assault and having guns pointed at them?
A: You’re assuming anyone finds out. Even if they do, we can put that on the contractors hired to do the robbery itself, men who will quietly disappear in to the legal system.
M: Don’t you ever deploy my troops again civilian.
A: Who said anything about deploying them? They were contracted for some side work.

…but let’s not tie up the story with all that. I’ll probably have a panel of those two getting in to it later but basically the take away is that Arianna can argue Max in circles and feels that her actions are legally defensible. Notice I didn’t say right. Just defensible, in that “Defend a bunch of cops caught beating a guy on tape? Pfft, give me a challenging one at least.” sort of way.

So there’s been some calls to add a forum to the comic, I think that’s a good idea for some of the longer discussions that spin off and some people prefer that format anyway, but don’t worry the comments aren’t going anywhere. Also I know that some of you are here from El Goonish Shive so I’ve set up over at the 910CMX community. Like I said, comments aren’t going anywhere, that’s where I’ll still be checking in the most, but I’ll definitely have a 910CMX tab open from now on as well. (Bringing my total number of perma-tabs to 10) Also be aware that they manually approve applications for new accounts which can take a little while but the upside is there’s no issues with spam over there. I’ll add the link in the nav and some other stuff to the page this week.

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