Yes, somehow while examining the interior of the vault, no one stepped in that spot. Maybe not too surprising as it’s basically in the middle and they were mostly examining the interior vaults and perimeter. Also Maxima was flying just above the gore carpet so she didn’t get any on her boots. Obviously Maxima is not a girly girl and needs to be wrapped in lace and floating on a field of heather or anything, but if you had the option to not walk in gore, wouldn’t you not walk in gore?

Being a superhero in the Grrl verse can be pretty glamorous, which we haven’t really delved into all that much yet, (partially because drawing adoring crowd scenes is really time consuming) but of course they don’t put stuff like this in the theoretical brochure. Sydney is sort of in the pilot program, now that the team has gone public. Future recruits will be told it’s not all celebrity lifestyle, they’ll have to do that thing in the military where they crawl through the mud under the barbwire, but Archon PR isn’t exactly going to lead with the gore bath story.

Actually, Maxima would probably tell them. The last thing she wants is a bunch of super powered celebutards on the team.

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