Huh, I think something’s going on with Coot. What ever could it be?

I made an assumption that everyone would automatically recognize all the boots in the top panel. I mean, Max and Sydney should be pretty obvious, but just in case, I cheated a bit with the Who’s Who panel. If I’d had just a bit more time, I would have done little super deformed faces on each word bubble. I would be better to add those for the book version, which won’t have a Who’s Who on a fold out tab for every page. I probably should have done some incidental spatter on their boots too.

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the states. Lots of people won’t be up to their usual routines, and I briefly considered posting a stick figure filler page today because with the damage to my parents house from Harvey, we’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, so my drawing time is a little limited, but I… didn’t. Maybe if I had announced it on Monday’s comic but I didn’t think about it till too late. Besides, just because you’re not bored at work doesn’t mean you’re not bored at home, waiting for the big meal to be ready.

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