To be fair to Maxima, “walk it off” is her go-to for everything from brain freeze to devastating spinal trauma.

Dabbler absolutely is sandbagging. Getting punched in gazorpazovum isn’t pleasant, but succubi are built to take a lot more abuse that than on the reg. I mean, they were literally made to get turned on by whatever kind of whooping a partner cares to inflict on them. Yes, that carries some dark implications, but succubi have evolved far beyond their origins. Origins that Dabbler will probably get into in the next story arc at some point.

It would be confusing if Harem took a hot shower and a cold shower at the same time. Well, maybe not confusing for her necessarily, but it would certainly be an odd sensation for the rest of us mono beings. I guess it would kind of feel like being covered in Icy Hot or some other sports rub, which I imagine would be rather unpleasant and overwhelming very quickly.

I know I said I was toying with skipping the comic today, but I managed to get relatively caught up by splitting a page, which I don’t like doing, because it gives you guys less to chat about. Or the content is spread across more pages. Lower content density. I like my content dense. I mean, I don’t like cramming a bunch of panels on to a page cause I likes my art big, but still, I like giving you guys a whole arc of a scene or a joke on a single page when I can.

Anyway, I also didn’t want to skip the day because I like being able to say I’ve never missed a post. Granted, I can’t say I’ve never forgotten what day of the week it is and wound up posting a comic late, but I’ve never actually missed a post.

Also, one of my Patreon milestones was posting twice a week and I’m still blown away by all the continued support you guys have given me and I really super appreciate it. So enjoy the page, and enjoy the holiday if it’s something you celebrate and enjoy your day if it’s something you don’t. Where my Jews at? Zoroastrians? I’m looking at you!

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