Ok, long comments this time, deep breath. Harem’s teleport is one of the better ones out there. All the ones in comics and shows that I’ve seen have the limitation of not being able to teleport blindly into an area for fear of teleporting into something solid. It seems like a super easy way to kill Nightcrawler would be to fill his room full of rebar. How often does he check to make sure no one’s done that before TPing blindly into areas he’s familiar with? Heck you wouldn’t even need rebar, just a bunch of sawdust and a fan. Try not being dead with some wood chips all up in your brain and organs. Anyway, Harem has to have a passing familiarity with her destination, I mean, she has to know where she’s going, but her TP has a safety on it. She gets a split second of clarisense before she teleports, basically she can feel out her destination and she can make little adjustments before she commits. She can’t really scout an area with it, she can’t see or hear anything before she arrives, just tell if there’s something in the way. While this seems like the sort of thing that would allow her to hang out with Nightcrawler and… actually, off the top of my head he’s the only teleporter I can think of, but she would be able to hang out with them and make fun of their feeble TP skills, but unlike all the others, she can’t take anyone with her. Clothing, equipment, easy, but no people. Possibly nothing else living.

The EMT Black Box isn’t a literal black box, that’s just branding. It’s obviously easy to pop out a memory stick on the thing, it’s just something that this company requires.

This page felt a little directionless to me, I think it’s a victim of trying to too much on a single page. I wanted a panel of Maxima looking disapprovingly at the amount of cleavage that Harem has hanging out before giving her flak about uniforms. I probably could have made the middle panel a POV shot from Max holding the memory stick up in front of Harem’s open, yet fashionable shirt. Not being able to see her teleport out isn’t ideal either. But this page sets up quite a bit, not the least of which is the interview, which will hopefully amuse, and also shows that Harem is at least a teeny bit immature, being the youngest on the team and all.