Hi and welcome to Grrl Power. If this is the very first page of the comic you’ve ever seen, you might be a little confused. Allow me to explain. First, read the previous page. That chick with the white hair? That’s the same chick with the strawberry blonde hair on this page. And the one with the yellow blonde hair. See, there’s 5 of her in total. Actually, it’s more accurate to say there’s one of her, she just has 4 extra heads, torsos, and the associated limbs.

Also Dabbler can sense tantric energy. Dabbler is the purple one.

For everyone else… uh, welcome back. I’ve wanted to do this page since the day I thought of Harem. Only took me 8 years to… Holy crap have I been doing this comic for that long? Wow, 8 years in August. Yikes.

This is the second page I’ve tried to color without inking first. I thought it wasn’t faster, but when I was about halfway done with the page when I realized that both times I’ve tried it, I was working on double pages. The other one was the funhouse boob mirror page. So it may actually not be all that much slower. I’ll have to experiment further.

If you haven’t seen it, I posted my Valentines Day Sex Drive thing yesterday. So click on it for boobies! Actually, click on it to see all the other participants, and follow those links for a cornucopia of boobs. Possibly some dongs as well. I haven’t checked out all the action yet.

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