Well, I guess Deus delivers as advertised.

I decided on this page that Sciona can retract her wings down to something that looks like those Chinese spirit light things. Just cause, I don’t know, it’d be more convenient. For her, cause she wouldn’t have to worry about knocking her lamp over every time she got home and turned around to lock the door. Also for me, artistically at least.

So a few clarifying points about the last page, which garnered some, ah, mixed reactions. First off, I’m not defending any of the characters involved. It was definitely shady. Deus is a cad, and he knows what he wants and is good at getting it. But to clarify:

1) Sciona was not tied up at all. Some people seemed to think she was bound. I was originally going to make her nude under her armor, but then I decided to make it like she’s got some kind of liquid bodysuit in between her and the armor. Those are supposed to be gloopy tendrils of it retracting from her as she steps out of it. Drawing a sequence of things happening that would hugely benefit from animation is tough when you only have so much space on a page. I could have maybe done a longer shot once she had cleared the armor, but it didn’t occur to me people might think she was tied up, and also I would have had to put something over her bits, like hair hanging over her nurps, but in reality, hair doesn’t really come to rest there unless it’s taped. (or I guess it could cover stuff if she was slouching a bit) Or I could have put some obnoxious word bubbles in the way I guess.

2) Sciona wasn’t obligated to take a roll in the hay with him. He said he doubted she could meet his price tag, but she was free to leave and go knock over a bank or come back with a couple of Rembrandts under her arm. It was definitely the most expedient route, however. I guess some people thought Vale was there to try and kill her if she didn’t accept the deal or something, but the page doesn’t really make that clear one way or the other.

Again, not defending it.

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