Don’t worry that Sciona got away here, we are getting close to the end of this arc.

In the superhero world, the stratospheric head kick is the equivalent to reading someone their Miranda rights. Ok, not really, but at some point, Maxima really should identify herself as a cop. It’s not like she’ll be taken in front of a regular human court. If she’s taken alive, she’ll have to answer to The Twilight Council. They do have an actual legal system, but Sciona probably wouldn’t be able to justify most of her actions.

Speaking of which, I love all the debate on the previous page about whether or not Maxima was in the right about attacking Sciona, and how she did it, and who is culpable for the bridge. I could totally see lawyers arguing all the points back and forth. Did Sciona attack the bridge? Was she going to? Did she mean to deflect Maxima’s attack into the bridge? Was it self-defense? Can’t it be both? Coming up next on Super Law and Super Order. BUN-BONNNN.

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