On the plus side, if Arc-SWAT breaks into your repurposed abandoned nuclear bunker slash silo, and they have the wrong address, you probably get some kind of tax break. Or maybe a voucher for a free new door.

I actually don’t know how that works, like if the cops drive one of those jousting tanks through your front door and it turns out the driver had the post it with the address stuck on his dash upside down, do the cops pay for a new front of your house and new sod squares, or do you get a booklet with some waivers that excuse you from up to 5 non-felony crimes? It probably usually ends up with someone suing the city.

So I got a little behind and was playing catch up when I did this page, hence the slightly different approach to the art on this page. Plus, I thought a slightly slower page instead of one with 47 word bubbles on it would be a nice change of pace. I don’t do it often even though it is quite a bit less work, because it leaves you guys less to chat about, but varying the pacing now and then probably doesn’t hurt.

Oh my god oh my god Star Justice book 10 is out!

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