Sydney handles new situations with aplomb. That or she tries to smack someone with a chair. It’s a toss-up really.

Sydney’s shield is so good. Everyone, even Maxima went for a tumble, and there sits Sydney, composed and cracking wise.

Hmm. Not really sure what else to say about this page. Everything I’m coming up with feels spoilery. The fact that it’s one of those rarest of things, a three panel Grrl Power page, doesn’t help. Maybe if there were six panels of Sydney daydreaming about something there’d be more to discuss. She hasn’t done a cutaway sequence in a while. I guess I better get to it!

I know only a few of you have followed the series all the way through, but it’s like my favorite thing in the world now, so I’m going to keep mentioning it when a new one comes out, which is about once a month, because Michael-Scott Earle is the Fred Perry of novels. (He’s prolific, see?) Anyway, Star Justice book 11 is out now (and it has four long awaited weddings in it, squee!)

Here’s also a link to book 10, which one of the best books in an already great series. When it came out, Amazon screwed up and it wasn’t showing up in related searches, like people looking for other space opera novels or sci-fi action didn’t see it until like 4 weeks after it came out. It’s always the way with novels, each book in a series sells less than the previous one. The avid fans scoop everything up, but everyone else has a chance of dropping away from a series, or they just forget to check for new volumes after a while, and no one starts off a series on book seven. Check the reviews of every series on Amazon. Book 2 invariably has half as many reviews as book 1, but the star ratings go up a bit, because everyone who liked book 1 enough to stick around for the second one is probably going to be a fan of the author’s writing style and characters and everything else. But each book in a series always has fewer review that the one before it. It makes me wonder how Piers Anthony managed 41 Xanth novels. I’m sure the first one sold very well, but the 41st book had to sell about 5% of what the first one did.

So anyway, check that link if you didn’t catch it the first time around. Or just look at the “What I’m Reading” widget over on the sidebar for a link to all 11 books. Or just click here.

If space opera isn’t your thing, that same author’s Tamer: King of the Dinosaurs is really good too, IMO. I mean, obviously, it’s my opinion. I like the books. Maybe you will too.

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