Maxima seems to be channeling Margaret Cho there a bit in that first panel. Just… visually. She’s not making some joke about being overweight and/or Asian.

Is there a non-ominous way for something buried in the ashes of your people to start glowing after being trod on? Cause I don’t think there is.

I’m not entirely happy with the name “Xevoarchy” but The Federated this or that has been used, as has the Hierarchy and Imperium and basically everything else because sci-fi has been around for a few years.

What Dabbler’s talking about is basically that the galaxy, or the known civilizations in it, have a collective military that enforces a collective set of rules. It’s sort of like the UN, if the UN had a proper military that was 25-50 times the size of anyone else’s. Also instead of being a bunch of representatives basically there to promote their own self interests, the Xevoarchy’s focus is galactic civilization as a whole. At least that’s the intent. There are a bunch of controls in place to prevent a race or even a collection of races from hijacking their arsenal. But you know how people are, even alien people. Stupid. So who knows.

Dabbler implies it here, but I ran out of room to state it implicitly, but Sciona’s people are, as Dabbler’s cut word bubbles said, “Imperialist dickbags.” And maybe a bunch of their colonies got sick of the Imperial Tithe and did something about it. Of course, the rules of the Xevoarchy are nuanced, and while they allow imperialistic conquest, that only applies to civilizations at a certain technological level, where the conquering force can’t just go in a slaughter the natives and take all their stuff. They’re expected to provide advanced technologies and medicine and help prepare them to join the galactic stage, and eventually return the civilizations autonomy at some point. Oy. Now I want to sit down and write the Xevoarchy bylaws.

Oh, I forgot the blood on Sciona. I should probably add that. :/

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