I’ve never been good at drawing inorganic stuff. Cars, guns, spaceships – so when I came to this page, I just drew the first thing that came to me. Why the design is best described as a giant, fucked up screw is unclear. (Also if the actual layout of the ship changes slightly from panel to panel, don’t lose too much sleep over it. Like it, uh, deployed those tentacles between panels. Why a gigantic ship like that needs streamers like a little girl’s bike is equally unclear.)

Dabbler is a remarkably fast runner, between her digitigrade legs and strength to body weight ratio, she’s probably at least 50% faster than the fastest human once she gets up to full steam. Of course, we know that Max and Sydney can both go supersonic. Hiro is limited to roughly commercial airliner speeds. He can break the sound barrier with gravity assist (i.e. flying down) but even without that caveat, he’s still the team’s 3rd fastest flyer. With Harem on his shoulder, he’s probably limited to ~100-ish MPH. Maybe a bit faster if she was on his back and her head was tucked behind his. The 4th fastest is the V-22 Osprey at about 300 MPH. Heatwave is limited to “fast car” speeds.

Jiggawatt can move incredibly fast by turning into lightning, but she needs a cloud or something to bounce off if she’s not doing a line of sight hop, so her top speed is somewhat conditional. She’s never tried jumping into powerlines, she’s worried about blowing everything up between her and her destination, and also possibly getting scattered across the power grid and not being able to pull herself back together.

Harem is sort of the fastest mover on the team (when she isn’t discombobulated) but also technically not, depending on whether you measure speed as actual velocity or simply the interval of time it takes to get from one point to another. Like if a starship moves into hyperspace or the warp or whatever and isn’t physically in our dimension, then it pops out at another point, did it move quickly? In instances like this (and probably in proper science), there is a distinction between speed and velocity.

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