Considering some of the world bosses she’s taken on, it takes a lot for Dabbler to consider something “legitimately terrifying.” Most of that is due to a lack of information about it – also, the overall presentation of “terrifying alien megabeast” is probably intentional. You know, first impressions and all that.

Looking at this page just as I’m posting it, I’m not sure “beam” is the appropriate SFX for panel 2, since in panel 3 it looks more like they fired a mass driver at the ground. It looks like a beam, sure. Maybe it’s one of those weird mass drivers that just happens to sound like “beeeeeam” when it’s fired. But then, maybe it wasn’t supposed to be a landing party, maybe that guy was sitting in a faulty toilet on the ship and fell out the bottom when he flushed and now he’s pissed off. (Yes, he’s one of those weirdos that sits on the toilet when flushing.)

Tamer: King of Dinosaurs 5 by [Earle, Michael-Scott] Oh, and Tamer: King of Dinosaurs #5 is out now. It’s my second favorite series after Star Justice. I’ve said it before, but this series is basically Ark: Survival Evolved the novel. I’d say minus the PvP stuff that plagues the game, but as the series goes on, it’s obvious there are other survivors out there who will increasingly be a problem for the main characters. Also, there’s a bit of a harem situation going on, but not in that kludgy, fall into bed because the author wants to stuff the book with sex scenes sort of way that lots of harem novels do it, but one where the relationships evolve pretty organically, even factoring in that everyone is an alien and has different ideas about sex and social structure.

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