Peggy is mostly kidding about that being a flare. She does work with Supers, and they tend to overdo certain things. Still, blowing up a mountain in lieu of a flare is a little over the top, even for Maxima.

Well. Unless she’s positive no one’s living on the mountain. Not even squirrels. She’s only blown up a few mountains in total. Small mountains really. And only one of them was full of insurgents who had just shot up a school for girls. The others were to establish her credentials as “She who is not to be fucked with” because it doesn’t matter how many times you tell someone that they will lose hard if they go up against you. The human ego, being what it is, needs unassailable proof before it will allow some people to back down.

In case it’s difficult telling what’s happening here (it’s clear to me, but, you know, I wrote it) basically, the explosion went through the portal and set off Sciona’s self-destruct kit.

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