This is the situation good commanders fear the most. Leaving one of your people behind in a different arm of the galaxy. With nearly no training. I mean, Sydney doesn’t even have the number to Archon HQ memorized. She does have her phone charger in her utility belt though, along with a sheet of gold stars and stick on googly eyes, so she may not be in as bad a position as it might first seem.

I think Dabbler went up about three cup sizes when she got back to Earth. Yikes. Okay not really, but they are supposed to be literally hypnotically distracting. The funny thing is, I actually usually draw breasts too small in most cases. Well, that’s maybe not true. I draw heads too big a lot of the time. I used a photo reference to get the pose right in the first panel, albeit of a woman with pretty big boobs, so… this is probably the right size for her. Granted she’s perma-glamoured, so everyone sees her a little bit differently. Somewhat ironically, Maxima sees Dabbler with larger boobs than Sydney does, for instance, because Max subconsciously assumes that a sex demoness should look more like a male fantasy slash blow up doll, ignoring the fact that she herself is quite endowed. Of course, Max doesn’t judge women for the way their bodies are shaped, at least she tries not to. Her opinions of women who get breast enlargements are a little more complex, but to her, how a woman presents herself is more important than the shape of her body, and Dabbler usually looks like she’s one hiccup away from bursting out of her clothes.

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