Sydney hasn’t really ever stopped to think about it, but her shield probably has some sort of “remain calm and ___ on” feature, because she’s gone from a pretty typical if more aggravating than usual nerd girl who was in no way an adrenaline junkie to having stuff try and kill her a whole bunch in the past week or so.  Like really try to kill her. Previous to the start of the comic, the most dangerous thing that had happened to her is the one time she got mugged and had a hulk freak out on the guy, and realistically, she’s probably almost gotten hit by a car once or twice in her life, or had something almost fall on her. She’s definitely broken more than her share of bones. We’ve all had a close scrape here and there. At some point, Sydney may curl up in bed, wrapped around a pillow and have a proper freak out session, but in the heat of battle, it never seems to occur to her.

I mean, think about this page. A hand the size of an olympic swimming pool smashes into her, accelerates her downward into the ground from like, I don’t know how tall that thing is, but let’s say she was 200 meters up. So she’s streaking toward the ground at probably mach 1 at least, smashed fifty feet into the strata, and she’s just mad she doesn’t have three hands. We know the fly ball gives her immunity to vertigo, but that should still all probably freak her out a little?

I wanted to make this a double sized page because the thing Syndey is fighting is really big and also I got caught up with the latest Onepunch Man manga and reading that always makes me want to draw bigger. Well, reading any comic makes me want to draw bigger, because most comic pages are like 5-7 panels, tops, but Onepunch Man makes me want to draw bigger action specifically. I mean a lot of the best action shots in that comic (most good action comics really, well, mangas. American comics not so much.) are single panel splash pages.

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