Yeah, I know, it’s only a 3 panel comic, but I hadn’t planned on doing two doubles in a row. I will say page 666 was one of my favorite in a while, but that’s the sort of stuff I always wanted the comic to focus on. But you know, fights happen in superhero comics. I didn’t really want to show the entire blow by blow fight, and it really was death by a thousand cuts. Sydney’s cutting beam is super powerful, but doesn’t have the same collateral effect as Maxima’s big booms. That thing is so big she had to whittle it down, and that would have been boring to watch.

You know how in games like God of War, they pit you against a miniboss like a minotaur, and then as soon as you beat it, they immediately pit you against two more? That’s basically what Sydney’s got going on here. Beating the first one feels epic cause it’s the hardest thing you’ve fought so far, but as soon as the two others show up, you’re like “You’ve got to be kidding me” but after a moment you realize it’s not really that big a deal because you’ve got them figured out. Now you have to apply it with the twist of dealing with two at once. Sydney must be playing on hard mode, because she’s jumped from 1 to 3. Don’t worry though, this leg of the battle will be much shorter than the first.

Really the only question is why the ship waited for Sydney to wreck the first one before sending backup. The answer is simple. That first guy was a real jerk. He eats everyone’s lunch from the fridge, even has the balls to complain when they don’t bring food he likes. He plays his music in his (gigantic) cubicle without headphones, invites himself to the after work karaoke sessions. Stuff like that.

Everyone on the alien screw ship was technically rooting for him, simply as a matter of racial solidarity or whatever, but… really they were hoping he’d at least be limping back with a slightly subdued attitude. When Sydney actually took him out they were like, “Oh, shit! Uh… I guess, you three, suit up!”

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