Psyche! I bet you thought that would be Sydney coming outta that wormhole, didn’t you?

Ag. So many double sized pages. Hand. Clawlike…

So this is Cora, a character I haven’t drawn for a very long time, probably since before I started the comic. She wasn’t a blue alien the last time. Actually a fair amount about her has changed, but she’s always been Dabbler’s friend.

The anti-mass driver is just a railgun that fires antimatter projectiles, in case you were wondering. I suppose it would be cool if it was a beam that disrupted the Higgs field. I have no idea what would happen if fundamental particles suddenly ceased to have mass. Probably it would be the same as disintegrating something, because everything would just fly off in random directions. Possibly accompanied by massive explosions and radiation? But no. Just antimatter projectiles. Still, that’s multiple levels of suck for whatever you’re targeting. Not only the Götterdämmerungian kinetic energy delivered by something going… let’s say 0.7 C, but also the mutual annihilation of everything in its path.

Okay, here’s a thought. What if you had an antimatter projectile that was multiple projectiles all matryoshkaed inside one another? Like each layer was sort of like a sabot round. The projectile hits something, apocalyptic explosion ensues, but the interior of the projectile continues forward until it hits the next significant piece of matter. Sort of like a 5 stage antimatter bunker buster?

Yeah. That’s what the anti-mass cannon shoots. Seems like bonkers overkill honestly, unless you’re bombarding the Emperor of Mankind in his bunker under the Himalayas.

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