This is sort of an odd page admittedly, as Sydney sort of “Raiders” it, as in she has no impact on what’s happening. Just wanders by and observes.

I wanted to have at least one reverse shot from Sydney’s POV showing Alari soldiers directing people or showing something slightly structured going on, but I wrote and drew the next two pages as 682 and 683, but then realized I wanted to insert this scene with the Alari refugees, so I had to scramble to get this page and the previous one done on time, so I couldn’t get too extravagant with the art. There is sort of a point to this page besides Sydney experiencing moderation, but it’s mostly just setting up stuff for later.

Oh, and since I’m sure someone will ask, but not all Alari have access to the soul battery style escape pod that Sciona found a few pages back. If you have a shuttle, use it why not?

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