Okay, so, we’re all on board that this is Sciona, right? Right. I don’t quite have a Who’s Who for the combined Escorpia/Sciona entity yet. I didn’t want to use panel two with the busted nose for the mugshot.

BTW, this all happened sometime after Sydney got stuck on the Alari homeworld, but before she came back. I forgot to make a note of that on the previous page. Don’t worry though, this flashback will only be a few pages. On the topic of flashbacks, I know people like to say the comic has been in flashback since the first few pages, but I like to think of those first pages as a flashforward.

That is nice grouping. The guy was like, two meters from her, but still. He was shooting angry.

I’m sure a wound like that would be basically spraying blood. Not like anime spraying, (warning for hilariously cartoonish live action gore) but there’d probably be enough that you wouldn’t be able to see the wounds. I felt like drawing them though, so maybe Sciona’s already begun healing herself. A good blood mage probably wouldn’t want to waste blood if she could help it after all.

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