It may seem a little weird that Sciona is bothering to try to talk to the clerk, but 1) She’s low on power, 2) She’s well aware of the existence of supers, and knows enough to know that they can potentially be a threat to her, 3) She’s unprepared and doesn’t even know where she is. She’s been on Earth a while, at least she had been in her previous incarnation, to guess she’s somewhere in a Latin American country. She know what Spanish is, but never bothered to learn it. (She should be able to tell that she’s in Mexico, however, because the clerk of the corner shop is for some reason dressed like a waitress at a themed TexMex joint.)

BTW: The clerk is supposed to be saying “Escorpia! I don’t want any trouble please!” So I may need to tweak that google translated output there on the page.

This does tell us one thing, at least. When she (or another disembodied Alari) possess a recently deceased body, they don’t learn everything that person knew. The possession process sort of formats the brain to make room for the new consciousness.

It should be noted, since I don’t know when it will come up in the comic, that not all Alari are capable of this. They’re a highly hierarchical society, and one of a surprisingly small number of high tech races that continues to use magic. Only some of the mages can do this, and the soul battery Sciona found on her homeworld was one particular coven trying to get offworld. They might have been crazy survivalist mages, which is why they had their own private escape pod.

That’s a scary thought. Crazy survivalist mages. They’re all prepared for the zombie apocalypse… that they’re going to start!

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