I had intended to write this slightly more seriously, then I thought of this and it amused me. Hopefully no one is too upset this session is going in a Sydney-esque direction. Dr. Frost may be able wrangle her back on course on the next page.

Any number of things that Sydney was exposed to on the Alari homeworld could be pretty nightmare inducing. Being along, being lost, being surrounded by death, a planet of silence, fires burning on the horizon as far as you could see, not to mention the giant death machine gunning for you.

I used to have a recurring nightmare about… basically Godzilla, only Godzilla was like five miles tall, and you could see him coming from miles away through the billowing smoke and the burning horizon. It was sort of an impending and unavoidable doom sort of thing, plus there was a factor of being unable to properly register the scale and distance of something that large. There was a sort of Lovecraftian element of skewed perception to it.

Sometimes I think nightmares are scary just because your brain tells you they are, because some of the things I’ve had ‘nightmares’ about aren’t particularly scary, and some of the things I’ve dreamed about that sound scary weren’t remotely frightening in the dream. I had one where I was wandering around my high school, but instead of lockers, there were clear tubes, and all the students had been skinned and their bodies were floating in the tubes. Instead of being scared in the dream, I was walking around looking at all the tubes and thinking about how good the special effects were.

Fortunately I don’t dream much anymore, or if I do I only remember like 3 or 4 dreams a year.

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