I think I remember it happening a few times in X-men, Nightcrawler would teleport in somewhere and startle someone, but it seems to me that someone just appearing out of thin air would make drinks go flying and people go falling backwards over couches. Even if you’re used to someone on your team doing that, people generally don’t sneak up on each other all that often. You hear footsteps and clothes rustling, even if they’re being quiet, you can hear them occluding other sounds, but someone just appearing like that. You can count on Harem startling people quite a bit in the comic, but she’s a fast learner and will probably not appear within arms’ reach of Sydney any more.

Check back on Wednesday, I’m going to try and figure out how to post a voting incentive for topwebcomics.com since they reset their ranking on the first. It’s just a pencil drawing I started over Xmas break. I’ll let you guess the theme.

A few requests for Max’s grin:
Max grinning