If you were wondering why Max hadn’t joined the fray yet, this is it. It’s not like she couldn’t have knocked some heads first, but she wanted to be sure the Interdictor’s shields wouldn’t interrupt her blast. She wasn’t that concerned about it blocking her shot, she was more concerned that if it did, the backblast would be detrimental to her own team and probably all the windows on headquarters.

Somehow I didn’t realize it while I was drawing them, but now I have two sequential pages where someone dials in their energy attack complete with closeups of their face and hands. Normally I draw two pages side by side, then save them as separate files when I’m done, but because this page is a double, they were separate files that I had to flip back and forth between. Still, you’d think I would have noticed.

Okay, so… let’s all politely ignore that tactically… this was terrible move for Maxima. For one thing, she’s lucky that the ship listed before crashing to the ground. I mean, Maxima is crazy strong, she could have shouldered it to the side though if it had started coming straight down, but I’m not sure she could lifted it.

The part of this that makes it especially risky is that while coring out a spaceship is a baller move, there’s a chance she could have hit something… sensitive on the inside. What if she had ruptured an antimatter chamber or hit some kind of… I don’t know, singularity implosion drive? (whatever that is.) She could have turned North America into a black hole or something. So… let’s pretend that she had a brief conversation with Cora about where to aim.

The reason I didn’t get into this stuff in the comic is because the point of the whole Fel attack wasn’t to have a big drawn out fight with a boarding action and all that, it was to prompt Cora’s final line. I actually planned out a longer fight, which I hinted at when the Mushroom Spacecop girl called the ship a supercarrier, but again, I decided to trim the encounter to the essentials.

Okay, so most of you guys know one of my favorite authors is Michael-Scott Earle. Quick update – Amazon banned him over a year ago for reasons they never explained. Basically Kindle Unlimited is deeply exploitable, so instead of fixing anything, Amazon has taken to banning authors whose success doesn’t match their expectations. The short version is, he sued them but it came down to them saying “we’re a monopoly and there’s nothing you can do about it.” So he’s striking out on his own and is going to start running Kickstarters to fund his novels. The good news is that 1) New Tamer and Star Justice! 2) All his previously written books will be available soon at his website, (soon) so if you missed any of them the first time around, then prepare your wallets. You can also sign up for his mailing list there to get heads up on the kickstarters. He’s also super active on his facebook page, so there will be updates there as well.

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