It’s a lot easier to draw Sydney’s circular shield than her Honda Element. I assume that’s either parked back at her apartment or in the garage at Archon. And honestly how often is she going to use her car now? If you could fly, especially if you could fly as fast as her, your car would probably be relegated to doing errands like groceries. She could gather up groceries up by her feet and scoop them up in the bubble I guess. Her bubble doesn’t have a radio though. But her phone still works inside it. I would think flying with earbuds in is probably not optimal, safety wise though.

Don’t go back and check old pictures of Sydney’s shop, because apparently it used to be on the end of the building. Maybe the owners extended it? I thought I remembered it being flanked by other stores but didn’t realize that until I went looking for color references. It has been a while since I’ve drawn it.

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