Sydney’s not a big drinker. Like myself, she prefers ‘dessert in a glass’ style cocktails and adult milkshakes and only knows of about a dozen off the top of her head. They decided to eschew the VIP lounge tonight and grabbed a regular table, although this place is a nightclub slash full service restaurant. Sydney could have gotten a waitress to bring drinks to the table, but she’s been chatting with Krona for a while and decided to have a wander.

Sydney knows about all kinds of demons and devils… as they appear in the monster manual. As she learned at the Twilight Council meeting, not everything supernatural is properly represented in popular fiction. Still, given that she has a succubus on her team, succubus was going to be her first guess when spotting someone with cute but comically undersized wings that couldn’t possible allow her to fly unless they did so through magic.

Our youthful succubus is actually a patreon cameo from YukiAkuma. I should really stop calling them cameos. That makes it sound like they walk by in the background. She’s actually a featured player for a few pages because I decided to go off on a tangent about… uh, spoilers actually.

Her giant purse with the orbs in it is sitting on the stool next to her, I promise.

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