Don’t put too much time into thinking about the power origin types that Gwen names here, I haven’t quite codified it all, chances are I may sneak back in and update that particular word bubble at some point in the future. But as you can see, there are a number of ways to attain super powers in this universe. The most common is simply designated as “super.” That’s the kind where you just develop powers while growing up, like Harem and Anvil. It doesn’t snap to adolescence like mutants in Marvel, and there’s a reason they don’t use the word mutant here, but I’ll get into that later.

I’m not sure why I imagined the tube getting opened in front of a panel like a job interview instead of in the middle of an action scene involving lots of speed lines – other than it’s kind of cliche, but now that it’s nearly upon us, I realize the huge flaw in the set up is that if this building has any sort of security, there’s no way Sydney would have gotten this far into the building without having to have opened it. It obviously didn’t register anything on the metal detectors or whatever machines they use in the lobby, and maybe Max vouched for her, but… still seems unlikely. Let’s just pretend I never brought it up.

Gwen’s spell is supposed to have a few little jokes in it (using the term loosely I assure you), but it’s eye-scarringly small. If you really hate your eyes you can probably make a few out, but I guess it’s incentive to buy the book once that happens.

Thanks so much for the all the votes throughout February, we managed to stay in the top 10 nearly all month! Considering the top few do 20K+ a month, it’s impressive that our little operation here has managed so well. Check back on Thursday or Friday, I’ll try to have a new vote incentive/bonus art ready.