Aw yeah get ready for the fashion show!

When Anvil was defending her habit of purchasing stuff for Max to wear, I almost added “Also it’s easier to find cool clothing in your size.” but I decided to cut it for space.

Basically, Anvil will be browsing outfits online, sees something she likes, but almost never finds it in her size. Rarely though, it will be in Max’s size, so she’ll sometimes throw it in her cart. Anvil is 6’7″, which means short of a few specialty stores, she probably has to have most of her clothing altered if not tailored from scratch. Max is 6’1″, which is not as many standard deviations from average as Anvil, but I imagine it still limits her ability to buy off the rack. I would think that any woman over 5′ 9″ has some issues finding stuff that fits. Not to mention both Anvil and Max are slender of waist yet bountiful of tract. That’s got to be a contributing factor in their quest to find non-bespoke outfits.

As seen in panel 5, Max is flying while she takes off her boots, but being able to fly would make a whole host of mundane tasks easier. Forget reaching stuff on the high shelf, you could fly upside down and turn any shower into a bidet. I… guess you could just do a handstand in the shower if you don’t have one of those showerheads on a hose, but that seems irresponsible. If you could fly while sleeping, any place could be a comfortable bed, presumably. That wouldn’t work if you had to constantly flap something, or it could be super dangerous if you flew like Heatwave, sheathed in an aura or hot death.

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