Dabbler’s tantric sense is one of those abilities that probably doesn’t hold up to logical scrutiny. It would make sense if a succubus could detect actual arousal since they feed off the energy produced by such events. But, her ability to detect “situations that would be titillating if a third party was observing” is purely rule of funny. Of course, it would probably be going off all the time considering some people’s kinks. People getting dressed, undressed, bathing, shaving, packing a crazy amount of stuff into luggage with a devious, tetris-like efficiency, alphabetizing their DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s. There are websites that just have videos of people crying while they eat. I have to assume that’s a fetish of some sort.

Sure, it probably helps if the people doing those things are themselves sexy, but in the Archon building, that’s like one out of every six people, if you include all the non-super staff. Dabbler would be getting pulled in 9 directions at once. Basically she’s just skipping around in a happy daze most of the time.

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