Welp, tube’s open. See you next week!

Hah hah no. I swear I’m not trying to jerk you guys around with the tube, this is just how it happened in my head, and that’s pretty much what I’ve run with so far. I’ve always said that since I can’t draw this fast, I’d work towards having a fun ride along the way and also toward making the archive dive a good read. So before anyone gets too bent out of shape, the proper reveal is next week, I promise. That being said, this is everyone’s last chance to read up on pre-open Grrl Power, so share it around on Facebook/Twitter etc. Starting to read the comic at next Monday’s page would take some of the excitement out of the build up. I wish I had time to do a dedicated “what’s in the tube” Project Wonderful campaign.

In fact this week’s comic is actually page #86. I couldn’t fit everything I wanted on this page, the only solution would be to break it into 2 separate pages, but that would have meant doing 3 pages with cliffhanger endings, and that would officially make me a dick. Page #84.5 got partially done, but I realized there was nothing actually critical happening on it, it was just a lot of jokes so I decided to skip it.