I’m trying to move things along here a bit. Don’t necessarily need to show every moment of Sydney going through superhero boot.

Fining Sydney $10K for getting 13 million likes would be a little like fining an oil company $100 million dollars for spilling a jillion tons of oil all over some national park. It’s like 29 hours worth of profit, and is in no way a deterrent. I googled what sort of money getting a shitload of hits gets you on Instagram, and apparently “taste makers” can make $10,000 for a million hits. Presumably those are for posts that directly promote something, I don’t really know, but it’s still pretty gross. Granted, at the time this comic takes place, it’s not quite 2020, and IG wasn’t as big, but we’re also dealing with comic time here so… it’s whatever time we want it to be, especially when it comes to technological development, but the takeaway is this: If Sydney posts a picture of Harem’s bra-clad cleavage, (and names the brand of bra) she can probably afford a new car. So… imagine how well Harem is doing with her own online efforts. She has unlimited access to Harem’s cleavage.

In case you were wondering, Sydney has a tablet computer on her head there in panel 6, which is supporting all the other stuff. I tend to draw these pages without much consideration for where the orbs would be floating, which is why they’re sometimes a little weirdly positioned if someone happens to be standing right behind her.

I’m sure some will want to point out that if she was asleep, the obs would power down and be rolling around on the floor, but they don’t do that right away. It’s at least 15 minutes before they go into screen saver mode.

Arc-SWAT is starting to put Sydney through some aerial dogfight basics. For a superhero team their size, they don’t have a whole lot of fliers. I guess Dabbler probably knows a flight spell – that seems unbelievably useful for an adventurer, especially one who presumably does a lot of spelunking and dungeoneering, but when it came time to draw that balloon ring paintball panel, I decided to add Cora to the mix instead. (I know, she’s like 9 pixels tall in the regular sized page, but trust me, that’s her) She can conjure up rocket legs, so she can fly at least as fast as Heatwave.

If you’re confused as to how her hard light legs could propel her through the air, obviously by themselves they can’t. She has access to the same teleport system that Dabbler does and can port little thrusters into her calves, and the hard light constructs just forms a framework around them. They also provide an optical chanel which wires them up to her meat interface so she can control them with a thought. Same thing when she replaces her hand with a boson nullifier or something else equally horrifying.

Speaking of Heatwave, I’m not sure what those balloon rings are made of. Certainly not rubber and helium, because Heatwave’s flight corona would definitely destroy those when she flew through them.

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