By “Variable,” Cora of course means “That depends on what I’m shooting and where I hit them.” I suppose that applies to most non-AOE weapons, really.

My first draft had some Predator looking scrawl in panel 5 there, but I thought that wasn’t particularly helpful, so it’s been translated for your convenience.

So, the “stasis” gun doesn’t stop time, because if you reference your technobabble lookup table, it’s too power inefficient to do so. It’s like accelerating mass to light speed without cheating with spacial compression or just straight up warp nonsense. Basically, slowing time to 10% takes 100 energoid-hours, slowing it to 9% takes 200 energoid-hours, slowing it t0 8% takes 400 e/h, 5% takes 3,200 e/h, etc.

At least, that’s how the gun works. The stasis pod is more efficient because it’s maintaining a time slow field inside layers of other fields, and those usually have much larger power cells than a rifle. They can put 10 fields that each slow time by 15%, which is far more power efficient.

Basically what’s happening here is the gun is trying to keep Maxima at something like 2 or 3% speed, but as she realized something is wrong, and is using super speed to compensate, the gun is like “I don’t know what’s happening here, so I’m going to double fist your power cell to attempt to keep things stable. Please be alarmed if your gun starts getting really hot.”

“Torchy” is probably a racial slur, but a fairly mild one. Whatever Torchy is, her race definitely has some demon or devil in their ancestry, neither one is usually ever described as a snowflake. If you call a Marileth a six-armed snake-butt, their first instinct isn’t to go cry about it on Space Twitter. Succubi have certainly heard their share of slurs. On top of all the usual female derogations, they get stuff like “Horned Hussy” or “Homewrecker on hooves.” At least the ones that actually have horns and hooves, that is. Even without their glamors, succubi have morphologically and chromatically enjoyed the spice of life. No, not Melange. Variety. Most have horns. Some have hooves, some do not. Some have that little tail with the spade thing on the end. That has to get caught on stuff. Walking through the woods with a spade tail is probably like pulling a DVI cable out of a big tangle of wires. You know, the ones with the big screw things on the side that get caught on everything? Man, I’m glad we’re moving past stupid cable connectors. USB C fo lyfe!

Oh shoot, I forgot to draw Torchy’s wrist forcefield thingy.

Vote incentive is updated! I forgot/ran out of time to draw a clothed version, but I’ll get to that this weekend hopefully. Maybe I’ll put her in a teddy, or just a feather boa or something. NSFW version is over at Patreon as usual.





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