In case you, like Torchy, were indeed wondering where the stasis pod was.

This guy has a universal translator, but he’s one of those aliens with an insanely loud barky, clicky language that the translator isn’t able to set up a sufficient interference waveform to “mute” normal speech. Oh, sure, he could buy one that’s specifically made for loud talkers, but he’s an honest, hard working space merc. Why’s he gotta spend his own money on something that benefits others?

In my mind this guy sounds a lot like the Mars Attacks aliens, but with more growls and roars, along with that slight delay like the guild navigator peon from Dune talking into that 1920’s radio mic.

Sydney doesn’t know this guy is male. She’s probably got about a 40% chance of being right, as most humanoid species are dioicous, but there are some which are monoecious, triecious, hermaphroditic, etc. It’s also entirely possible it’s the female of this guy’s species that can attack vomit 11 gallons of acidic mucus on command, but her glasses don’t do species and/or sex identification. There’s probably an upgrade for that though. It would actually be super useful if you were an intergalactic trader or diplomat or something.

The word “intergalactic” suddenly bothers me. Shouldn’t it be “intragalactic?” Most science fiction deals with only a single galaxy and the adventures contained within.

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