Are* of Lube Spell: 0 physical damage. 4D6 damage to self-esteem, + additional 2D6 damage to self-esteem if the person who cast it stands around talking about their plans while you fall around like a newborn fawn chucked onto a waterslide, + 1D6 self-esteem damage if you caught the other team flat-footed, plus another 1D6 if they’re from some medium tech backwater.

*An “are” is 100 square meters, or, 10 meters squared. A hect or hecto is 100, therefore, 100 ares is a hectare, or 10,000 meters squared, or 1/100th of a square kilometer. I guess a hectohectare is a square kilometer. So is a meter a hectocentimeter?

A lot of good stories in the comments for the previous page. Many, if not arguably all, rely on a permissive Game Master. Sometimes they can’t argue with a well planned attack, and sometimes they’re the kind that want to shut down the fun and make players slog through the campaign as laid out, but personally I’d rather have an amazing story to tell than a good slog. In the few times I’ve run games, it’s become obvious that I am personally far too permissive, and the players accomplish far more than they should in single adventures.

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