Those of you in the anti-Arianna camp will probably enjoy this page as Sydney is picking on her a bit for no real reason. Unfortunately only got to address one of the orbs on this page and didn’t really touch much on the rules an limitations of the telepresence orb (or comm-ball as Sydney calls it.) It will be addressed more thoroughly in following pages though. In case it’s not clear, the comm-ball has to send out the smaller, inner orb, and the holo-Sydney projects from that point, so it’s a little like Rimmer from Red Drawf once they introduced the “light bee.”

The orbs are a little like any rule or power system introduced in a comic. You get the rules laid out pretty plainly up front, and then specific situations cause the main character to come up with very interesting use cases within those constraints. Death Note is a great example of this, although they kept introducing new rules througout the series, they explored a bunch of clever twists and exploits with each new rule.

The next page should wrap up what all the orbs can do though so it still averages out to more than one/page.

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