If someone tied Maxima to train tracks, the train would be the one in danger.

Fortunately the language Ray and Cora are speaking has a perfect analog to the English word “Damsel” with the same connotations. I guess there are lots of alien civilizations out there that made media involving women being tied to space railroad tracks. Or being tied to chairs with space bombs counting down nearby. You know the formula. Lady+Bondage+Space Danger.

Also, Ray’s alliteration works out in both languages somehow.

I didn’t know this, but “damsel” is actually a shortened version of “Mademoiselle.” #TheMoreYouKnow

Maxima’s attack isn’t actually a Metsu Shoryuken, after the first two hits, she grabs their leg as they fly up past her, and then she “Puny God“‘s them. I guess that would be a Metsu ShoRyuKashouKami. Well, two ground slams, then she leaps up in the air, windmills them and throws them into the ground. Then if they really ticked her off, she can finish it with an Atomic Curb Stomp or an energy blast. That’s the Metsu ShoRyuKashouKami Meteor-Strike Stay-Down WTFBBQ.

I assume Mr. Amorphous, Heatwave and Achilles keep trying to jump in to help with the fight, but the shockwave from those hits keep knocking them back. Dabbler’s just watching.

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Just thought I should mention it, and before you ask, yes, I’m still working on the sequel to my fanfic novel. I’m hoping to have it done before Tamer 7 lands, but honestly the monthly nudie pinups are taking a lot of my non-comic time, so the book will happen, but I can’t make any promises about the timing.

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