Aaaand back to 12 panels. Geeze. Anyway poor Harem, she’s never going to get something to drink. Fortunately for her, Heatwave can generate an extremely localized increase in temperature. It’s how she makes haser beams.

I know Heatwave switches hands with the soda can. That’s on purpose. Ok it’s not I just wanted to call it out before anyone else did. And of course, what would a team of superheroines be without the lecherous guy? I didn’t manage to work his name onto this page so I won’t introduce him with the Who’s Who. We’ll meet him properly soon enough, but this page is obviously a lead in back to the ballroom.

If you hadn’t checked in since last Monday there’s a new bonus art/vote incentive thingy. Just a quick doodle, but topical.

And finally, does anyone want to do a guest comic? The weekend of June 1st is A-kon, which I’m not exhibiting at, but I’ve attended like the last… I don’t know, 15? It’ll be a busy weekend and I want to make sure I’ve got something to post for Monday, June 4th. I’ll try and have my own page done but just to make sure I’ve got my bases covered, I’m putting the call out. The comics can’t be wider than 643 pixels, but can be any height, so make sure it’s legible at that size. Contact me via twitter or facebook and I’ll tell you where to send them. They’ll be due by June 3rd at the very latest. If I get my page done, I’ll still post the guest comic(s) during that week, and if I get flooded with them… I’ll figure something out.