And here we are, the end of the Times Square arc. It honestly took quite a bit longer than I thought it would, but I could probably say that about any storyline in the comic, so at least I’m consistent in that regard.

Apparently that escape pod has a restroom equipped with a urinal. I think that’s a weird choice, but I guess Ray Cosmos has his preferences. I think you have to have a lot of faith in your artificial gravity technology to install a urinal on little ship like that. Well, unless your urinal has micro-singularity technology, in which case the margin of aim would be wider than with your standard urinal, depending of course on just how micro the singularity is.

Romulan ships power their warp-drives with singularities. You think they also use them as garbage disposals, or would that annoy the chief engineer because “the singularity needs to be perfectly balance or else the ship will be sucked into it.” Whiner.

The gender select screen is actually full of icons from just Earth genders. I couldn’t tell you what the majority of them represent, but I do hope the one that looks like a hurricane icon on weather maps is a really cool gender. Like, if there’s a gender called “Here I am,” then that’s the icon they should use. Anyway, that’s just some of the genders we have on Earth, (I think there might be as many as twice that), and we just have two biological sexes. Imagine how many gender identities there might be for a race that has three biological sexes. Like Xenomorphs. “Uh, actually, I’m a backburster. I had an uncle that was a craniumburster, but really, who wants to do that much digging?”

Of course, now that I’m writing this, the MeatBlanks site shouldn’t have Gender Selection, they should really only have Sex selection. Sex being physical set of attributes and gender being mental or emotional. The Flame-Demon-Thing provides the emotional stuff, MeatBlanks is just providing the chassis. Still, I’m sure we’ve all seen enough pictures on the internet to know that there’d be like… I don’t know, seven possible combinations of male and female equipment? A dozen? Now imagine including all kinds of stamens and tentacles and every other possible variation you’d need for a comprehensive alien customer base. The Sex options list would be pretty insanely large.

Fun fact, the mosaic effects in panel seven are pictures of pizza.

The new vote incentive isn’t quite ready yet. I tried something different this month – instead of doing one well painted picture with a bunch of dress variants, I wanted to tell a bit of a story with this one, so instead of one picture, you guys are getting seven or eight. The art is a little streamlined cause there’s only so much time in a month. Still, I miscalculated slightly, but I’ll have them up by this weekend or with Monday’s comic at the latest.


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