Frix isn’t reminding Prinrin that Sydney is a potential an engine of destruction because he’s afraid of what she might actually do, but because it’s a pretty good way to deflect her interest. I’m sure there’s been more than a few women who have warded off advances by saying “My boyfriend is an ex-Navy SEAL.” whether or not any part of that statement is true. Sure, they could easily say “My boyfriend is a millionaire with a 9″ dick but also he’s addicted to cunnilingus.” and in certain situations that might even work better, but it could also spark a guy’s competitive nature. Is it better to imply her guy knows fifty ways to kill with a shrimp fork? It’s situational. Still, it’s hard to beat “My girlfriend can cut a tank in half.”

“I’m curious about your specific Navier-Lamé elastodynamic ratios” is physicist speak for “Gurl, you tight?” Also, “I want to solve for your Cylindrical Coordinate Displacement Unknowns” means “Let’s get it on.” Hmm. That sounds like a T-shirt Dabbler would wear.

At least, I like to think that science nerds hit on each other in ways that are really specific to their field and inscrutable to anyone else. But given the poor male to female ratio in most STEM fields, there are few salacious equation the ladies haven’t heard before.

They put up with Digit’s crazy inventions because despite her destroying the occasional wall, stuff like her Wall-Bot actually works, and now they can keep just ahead of the usual interior damages to the base. Keep in mind that Digit is hardly the only one in a building full of supers that damages the architecture.

The new vote incentive will be up with Monday’s comic. It’s almost done, just need a little extra time to finish up the detail work. So enjoy Detla for one more weekend.





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