Happy being slightly to moderately hung over from July 4th if you’re in America and happened to party last night, or if you’re not in America and just decided to get drunk for totally unrelated reasons.

Sometimes I need to google things about military culture, but this time, I’m was pretty sure calling your C.O. an ekwensu ọcha is not usually allowed. (Google it.) Max and Kenya obviously have a friendship that transcends such things.

If you’re over 30, you might have grown up with “flesh” colored crayons and band-aids. That was before those industries were like “Oh… right, other races.” Still, it’s easy to think of tannish-peachy-khaki as “flesh” colored, (especially if you’re white and living in a majority caucasian nation/area) and that’s only partially because we don’t really have another words with succinctly describes the caucasian skin tone. It doesn’t help that there’s quite a variety of hues possible under the caucasian umbrella* (and that’s before you get into makeup companies trying to convince women they have a “winter” complexion or whatever is going on there.) If you had to name the color of the old “flesh” colored crayons though, you’d probably say “peach.” I actually think that’s what Crayola did at any rate. Still, Leon telling Max she had peach colored hair was not his first instinct. He wasn’t trying to be un-woke about it, I mean, there are people with gold, brown, blue and purple skin standing right in front of him. (Cora is just off panel, trust me.) He really just meant “your hair and skin match and no one can pull that off.”

*The Caucasian Umbrella sounds like a fascist world view, the name of a band, and also something a serial killer might have.

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You guys don’t know who this is yet. (Her name is Xerxa.) I will give you one single guess what she might be from. (And no, it’s not Dabbler’s mother.) It was a piece I had half finished from a little while ago and given my time constraints this month, I threw a little polish and some background on it and here you are. Unfortunately there aren’t nine separate versions because she’s not wearing a ton to begin with.  Hopefully you can read about that soon. I hope you like it, personally I think it turned out pretty good.

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