There’s an extended fight scene going on while Dabbler is prompting Sydney for details. I thought about putting in a bunch of PUNCH, BIFF, ZORG, ETC sfx at the bottom of each panel but decided it looked cluttered.

Dabbler is a better enchanter than she is an alchemist, so she figured out how to enchant liquid. She’s certainly not the first person in the history of magic to do that, but she figured a lot of it out on her own, then went and did some research, stole a few ideas and kind of half-independently invented something others have already made. A lot of her inventing, magic or technological, is like that. Part of her inventions are scrabbled together or inspired by other’s work, and part of it done “the long way around,” often using mathematics that others would find unnecessarily boggling.

Dabbler doesn’t have anything against witches or alchemists specifically, but every profession has its experts as well as incompetents and charlatans. In her travels, she’s been tricked into buying a healing potion that was just Hawaiian Punch, or a healing potion that actually amplified the damage received (so the vendor could scavenge from fallen adventurers and stock his shelves with “barely used” gear. Don’t worry, Dabbler murdered the living fuck out of that guy.) So mostly she just trusts her own concoctions now.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

Second to last chapter is finished – in the sense that I’ve started working on the final chapter. There’s still some editing to do before it will be beta reader ready. I’ll save those edits for once I finish the book. I need that one character to have a little more time to simmer as I figure out their personality. The last chapter though… there’s an excellent point for a chapter break about 1,000 words in, but I like making my chapters about 5,000 words long. I don’t know why. It’s a totally arbitrary figure. I think book 1 had a 3,200 word chapter and maybe one of the action ones got up to 11K. If I don’t pay attention to what I’m doing, they’ll get up to around 17K, and that’s too much. There are novellas shorter than that. So I often have to go back and do a lot of renumbering when I break up big chapters that got away from me. Scrivener doesn’t seem to have a smart chapter numbering function that I can figure out.

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