Not an auspicious introduction for Anvil, but she’ll get her moment later.

Here’s the part where I grouse about poorly drawn action on this page. I’m sure quite a few of you aren’t even sure what’s happening between Math upside down on Anvil’s head and her landing on the sofa. You don’t see how he go up there, which is ok actually, that doesn’t really require a shot by shot sequence, but then suddenly she’s landing on the sofa. I have those two tiny panels where she tries to grab him and flubs it, which is the wind up to the actual action piece, but I skipped the panel where he’s spinning her. Sequential art is an art form in and of itself, and cutting what I see in my head down to panels is challenging, and especially so with action. I know how I’d redo it to make it clearer, but I’d have to make it two pages to break down the action better. It wouldn’t be as much of a problem if I could put out 2-3 pages a week.

I cut down to the break room for the Harem/Heatwave confrontation (which bled into the Math/Anvil scene) cause I wanted to have a bit of a break from the ballroom, which is feeling long in the tooth to me like the bank parking lot. I think I’ll focus on that till I’m able to move on to the next scene.

Update: Ooh, look who’s got a cameo in one of my favorite webcomics. (mildly NSFW)

Edit: Fixed the requisite omissions, this time Sydney’s missing orbs.