Ever since being given this opportunity, Vehemence has been legitimately going back and forth as to whether or not he was going to behave. After being handed such a one sided defeat, and seeing Sydney in such a good mood while she clowns on him, he figured he’d have to be a real bad guy to ruin her fun.

I am entirely enamored by the idea of horrific monsters/aliens/whatever holding mundane jobs. Like something that looks like it should be called a “Flesh Ripper” working at a box office or asking if you want fries with that. Or something that looks like an anthropomorphic spider that’s wearing stitched together human faces stretched partially over its own face working as a wedding planner. It isn’t wearing human remains on its face, I’m suggesting it has some fungal growth on its carapace that just happens to look like bits of person.

It’s even better if that thing’s boss looks like an extra from My Little Pony.

A few people were wondering how Sydney will get him back into the portal since she can only use two orbs at a time. Well, the lighthook can extend pretty far, so she could have just tossed him back towards the portal while extending it as she pushed. It would get her going pretty fast in the other direction by the time she overcame his velocity and mass, but it would work. It would work even better if she flew back toward the portal, then grabbed him and tugged, then stopped, flew back some more, tugged, etc. And some people suggested she could just body check him with the shield.

So just assume some combination of those.

Tamer: Enhancer 2 – Progress Update:

Worked a bit on the final fight. Some fights in books are there to either establish something about one of the characters, like they’re especially good at fighting or they’re a coward or something, or the fight drops something in the character’s lap, like a bunch of bandit’s equipment, or he’s rescuing someone who helps them out later or joins the party. Unless the fight is a setup to establish a character’s fighting chops, (think of the punks who corner Van Damme/Chuck Norris/a modern equivalent which I’m having trouble thinking of so I’ll just say John Wick – at the beginning of any movie they’re in) then usually the fight is going to be fairly close, right? Like, the author wants there to be some tension and usually doesn’t want his character to limp away missing a limb, but he also doesn’t want them to just drop kick the opposition into the sun because that would get boring – unless the whole thing is some spoof, commentary, or comedy like OnePunch.

So Sam and crew need to knock some heads and also take their lumps in the process.

Interestingly, Victor in the original Tamer books pretty much never gets hit. That is explained to a degree in the later books, but it also kind of goes against everything I just wrote. Still, Sam isn’t Victor, but he’s got a few advantages Victor doesn’t.

September’s vote incentive is up! It’s been over a year since Max was featured in one of these, so I figured it was time to revisit.

If you just popped by to see it right when it went up, you might have missed the update. Her nipples were a touch high in the first version, and if you poke through the comments there, you can see the reference I used, only that model’s boobs were about 3 cup sizes smaller. Anyway, I flew her nipples south for the winter and updated the relevant pics.

Nude version is up at Patreon.

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