Dabbler obviously enjoys pushing Maxima’s buttons, but in her defense, Max’s buttons are pretty easy to push if you know what you’re doing. There’s obviously some history here. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to work that into the story. At the rate the pages go up, I don’t want to bog stuff down with back stories, even though I think they’re interesting, they’re maybe not quite as funny as the regular comic.

Some of you might have been aware of #comfycon this weekend, especially if you hang out on Twitter. Basically a bunch of webcomicers that didn’t go to SDCC this year did panels via google hangouts/youtube streaming. I sat in on a few, and even figured out how to do one of my own, so I have a few videos up here, if you’re interested in a screencast of me drawing parts of this page. I say parts, cause there’s maybe a total of 3 hours of video and it took something like 12-14 to get the page done as usual. I make no claim that they are exciting videos in any way, I just wanted to make you aware of their existence in case you’ve got nothing else to do for a few hours.